Kande Pohe

Easy to make breakfast recipe commonly found in Mumbai and surrounding cities. Try this recipe and please leave comments below.


Chai Masala

An aromatic spice that can add a distinct flavour to your Chai. Adding this spice to your chai will make tea time memorable. There is no replacement to freshly prepared spices. Try this chai masala and leave comments below.

Chaas/ Masala Buttermilk

Chaas or Masala Buttermilk is a yogurt drink normally served with Indian food. The yogurt balances out the heat and spices in the food.

Dal fry

This dish can be served at any meal, lunch or dinner. This dal is infused with flavors and spices. Normally this dal is easy to prepare and is to be enjoyed steaming hot.

Potato Poha

A popular Indian breakfast recipe enjoyed by all. There are multiple versions of this dish. The recipe below is the Gujarati version. This dish is commonly found at street vendors during the early part of the day.